Materials Included With Your Roof Replacement.

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  Your Roof is more than just the shingles you see from the street, because it is a combination of different roofing materials and components that come together to form a complete roof system. What are these material and why are they important to your roof? RNC Construction Group helps you Understand what constitutes a roof, we break it down for you.  

Roof Deck.

The platform is the plywood boards that form the structure of your roof. These Plywood are where the shingles and other components are installed. Our RNC Constructions crews will not know you will have rotten boards until they finish tearing off the old roof. Our guys will document and capture pictures and share with you.  At RNC Construction group our goal is to always keep our clients in the loop of the project.  

Roof Flashing.

The Roof Flashing is a metal that is placed anywhere the shingles lean against something, such as a wall, chimney or open valleys. If your flashing is not tarnished and the integrity of the metal is still strong, then there is no need for replacement. However, RNC construction Group will determine how strong and if your flashing is still in good conditions.  


The underlayment is a felt material, that is used over the deck to provide additional protection, making it a crucial component for you roof. Underlayment is your roof system’s last line of defense for your deck. It is important to invest in the best possible roofing components that is why we offer a system that includes Certified by the supply.  

Drip Edge.

Is the metal Flashing that’s installed at the edges of the roof to help control the flow of water away from your fascia and other roofing components.  

Ice Water Shield.

Your Valleys are crucial to keep water flowing in the right direction down your roof.  Because of this, they need something to protect them from the constant flow of water every time it rains. That’s why is called the waterproof membrane because it protects your roof during winter and rain season.  

Asphalt Shingles

Your shingles are the top layer of your roof that is visible to the outside world. When people think of a roof replacement, they usually only think of their shingles, RNC construction Group has certifications of roof tile suppliers that provide 50 year warrantee (CertainTeed, GAF, OwenScorning.  

Ridge Capping.

Ridge Capping Is the trim Installed at the peak where the two slopes of a roof meet. They’re thicker than regular shingles so our crews at RNC Construction Group bent to form to the ridges on your roof.  

Pipe Boots

Roof Pipes must be covered properly with synthetic rubber around your roof penetration so that water does not run into your home. That’s where tube boots come in handy because it prevents leak.
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From the inspection and estimation to the installation of the new roof RCN was knowledgeable, professional and answered all our questions. They arrived on schedule and took care to protect everything and kept us informed of the progress and any issues. We highly recommend their services.

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